Our Massage Therapist

Mohammad is a certified and licensed massage therapist with over 14 years of experience. He is knowledgeable in a variety of massage modalities. He provides a therapeutic massage incorporating different modalities utilizing unique techniques.

Mohammad graduated from Los angeles vocational institute in 2006. He was also certified in physical therapy aid from the same school. working at an array of spas and hotels mohammad had earned the winner of the best massage award in LA at Dto Day Spa in 2007. He is grateful to work independently. He provides a pure healing and relaxing massage.

Being an athlete himself he believes the benefits of massage therapy is to help the body maintain its health and keep the body going. His passion , strength and knowledge made him become a special body worker. He loves staying active and was a professional runner and soccer player.

Release stress and anxiety by visiting MOssage Therapeia in Beverly Hills, CA. For many years Mohammad had helped residents find unique solutions for their pain or stress.He is passionate about helping people relieve stress through natural remedies. Mohammad works closely with each client to find effective solutions that are specific to their needs. After one session, you will notice an immediate change in your overall well being. You will feel better and rejuvenated. Discover quality massage services by scheduling your appointment today !